Ceramic coatings are the latest technology in paint protection. It is a liquid polymer that bonds to the vehicle’s paint, creating a barrier of protection from harmful UV rays, chemical stains, and etching. Unlike a traditional wax, which needs to be applied several times a year and can easily be wiped off with harsh washing procedures, the bond that a ceramic coating forms can last several years. The coating also appears glossier than a traditional wax, and the hydrophobic qualities make the vehicle easier to clean.


At Detail on Demand, we have partnered with System X to provide superior ceramic protection. The coatings we offer are backed by a warranty from System X, and the applied coating can be reported to Carfax to help maintain your vehicle’s resale value.


The most important part of the ceramic coating process is the prep work required before the coating can be applied. The surface of the paint must be as free of defects as possible, because once the coating has bonded, any defects in the paint will remain visible (and can even be enhanced). The process we use to prep the paint for coating is as follows:

  • Hand wash using the two bucket method then dry

  • Apply an iron remover to remove iron deposits embedded in the paint

  • Rinse and dry

  • Clay bar paint to remove any contaminants still bonded to the paint

  • *Paint correction (if necessary) to remove light scratches, swirl marks, or any other correctable defects. *The cost of paint correction is additional because every paint job requires different amounts of correction

  • Machine polish the paint to bring out maximum shine

  • Isopropyl alcohol wipe down to remove any compound/polish/wax that may still be on the paint

  • Apply the coating


Once the vehicle has been coated it can be driven after 20 minutes, and the paint can be exposed to water after six hours. The coating takes 72 hours to fully cure, and it is recommended to not wash the vehicle for two weeks.


Once the coating has been applied, proper care must be taken to ensure the coating lasts to its full potential. Hand washing is recommended, but if a car wash must be used a touchless wash should be used in lieu of car washes with brushes. In addition, a pH neutral soap should be used. Detail on Demand offers weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance packages to make it easier to maintain your vehicle after it has been coated.


*Please note that package prices do not include paint correction. For a more accurate estimate please contact us.


10+ years of protection


SUV (2 Row)/Truck


SUV (3 Row)/Minivan/Oversized Truck


6 years of protection

2-3 years of protection