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Ceramic coatings are DEAD! We are proud to be South Carolina's ONLY installer of a revolutionary new coating, Icon Rocklear!

There’s no other finishing product in the world that compares to Icon Rocklear. Whether you have a new or pre-owned vehicle, Icon Rocklear is the only protective and corrective transparent coating that is engineered to stand up to any and all climates and conditions worldwide. By adding up to 4 mils of Toughlon™ infused depth, Icon Rocklear guarantees the thickest, deepest, most protected shine the industry can offer.


And this protection for your vehicle is also backed up by up to a 10 year warranty against defects. Send us your worst and we’ll put our money where our mouth is.


Icon Rocklear offers real longevity with shine and protection on new vehicles. We can ensure the industry’s leading hydrophobic effects that will allow your vehicle to stay cleaner longer. There’s nothing worse than seeing your new car get dirty or scratched up.

There are many benefits Icon Rocklear can have on your new unit. The resistive features will give your new investment an astonishingly flawless appearance.


​Icon Rocklear offers:

  • Scratch resistance

  • Impact resistance

  • UV resistance

  • Chemical resistance

  • Incredible shine

  • No annual inspection needed (ceramics need inspections and toppers)

And also provides SERIOUS protection against:

  • Bird droppings

  • Tree sap

  • Road tar & bug splats

  • Road salt

  • Acid rain

  • Fuel

  • Environmental Damage

  • Oxidation

  • Gravel

  • And much more...


Icon Rocklear with Toughlon is the benchmark of the vehicle correction and protection coating industry.


By adding Icon Rocklear to your existing finish on your vehicle, there are a number of existing conditions it can correct. Whether its oxidation, rubbing/scuffs, swirls, improper polishing, acid rain, or a number of others, we’ll guarantee your unit will take a step back to the future and have that brand new look.


Icon Rocklear technology will renew the look and shine of your vehicle back to the day you fell in love with it and Toughlon technology guarantees it stays that way!


By adding-filling up to 4 mls of depth to your existing finish Icon Rocklear will correct major clear coat damage caused by:

  • Scratches/scuffs

  • Oxidation

  • Rubbing

  • Fuel

  • Acid rain

  • Car wash brushes

  • Swirls

  • Improper polishing

  • Tree sap

  • Environmental Damage

  • Bird droppings

  • Egg

  • Thinner clear coat

  • Gravel rash

  • Heavy UV exposure


Entire vehicle

  • Icon Rocklear applied to all painted surfaces

  • Wheels removed and Envy coating applied

  • Envy coating applied to trim and glass

Small/Midsize SUV.............$1,250
Pickup Truck.......................$1,250
Large SUV/Minivan............$1,400
Oversized Pickup Truck.....$1,400

Paint only

  • Icon Rocklear applied to all painted surfaces

Small/Midsize SUV.............$850
Pickup Truck.......................$850
Large SUV/Minivan............$1,000
Oversized Pickup Truck.....$1,000